Today is International Women's Day. A day set aside to celebrate women and all they do for the world; because let's face it, almost every other day is for men.

Today, a lot of women will be profiled and celebrated, and a lot of emphasis will be placed on celebrating "good women". Those who did well in school or excelled in their careers, generally people with little or no dirt to their name. These good women will be used to teach other younger women how to live and what to aspire to. Which is fair, because we don't want the world overrun by unruly women, do we?

Do we?

Well there's at least one person who does, and she's here to set fire to the world.

This world has been overrun by unruly men who have gotten away for so long, there is an urgent need for balance in the evil department. And as someone who believes in balance and equality, I am putting inspiration into the universe.

I'm putting together two things that I love in this article; literature and bad bitches. So here is a list of fictional bad bitches who ought to be celebrated on this day because all women matter:

Harley Quinn

Sis decided to terrorise the whole of Gotham because she could. Psycho, but make it sexy.


You have heard of women denying their husbands sex to get what they want.

But this woman ended the Peloponnesian war by ordering all the women to deny their husbands sex till they called a truce.

Eventually, blue balls prevailed.

Esi Sakyi

Protagonist from Ama Ataa Aidoo's "Changes" set in early 1990's who divorced her husband for marital rape. She eventually became a rich Alhaji's second wife.

Mind you, this level of feminism was sacrilegious at the time.


From one of Ananse's tales. Ananse divorced his first wife because she ate too much. He went for Okornore who had no mouth, only to realise that his food was disappearing even faster.

Okornore had a mouth in her armpit where she chugged food in large quantities 😈


Her colleagues had a party and didn't invite her because she had bad vibes.

So she showed up and ruined everyone's fun.

Alicia Florick

Alicia Florick is a character from the show, The Good Wife. She started out supporting her philandering husband but soon realised she had to find her own enjoyment so she did just that.

(She was also a badass lawyer)

Arya Stark

Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. She's a small girl but a big God (of many faces)

Head strong, defiant and brave AF!

Hermione Granger

We all know she's the real hero of the story. It's definitely Hermione (Sorry Harry Potter stans)

She saved Harry so many times, she should have spared us three books and gone to kill Voldemort her damn self!

Lady Macbeth

An ambitious woman who used her husband to attain her ambitions in a patriarchal society.

We have no choice but to stan! 😍


She stole someone's man and scrambled his head.

And then she had his girl coming to her as a woman and she didn't even like him like that.

Selina Kyle / Catwoman

Sex AF!

She alternates between hero and villain depending on her mood. Plus, she's got Batman wrapped around her little finger like that bitchass he is.


Onyesonwu From "Who Fears Death" by Nnedi Okorafor.

An all round badass with magical powers who sets out to defeat her father; a powerful sorcerer who raped her mother and continues to wreak havoc.

The list is long and endless, don't hesitate to reply with a badass that comes to mind